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How To Clean Mink Lashes?

How To Clean Mink Lashes?

When we buy mink eyelashes from a supplier, they will tell us that it can be reused about 20 times, but usually after we use it 3-5 times, the glue and mascara on the eyelashes make the eyelashes look very messy.So what should we do? Today we will share with you how to clean mink eyelashes.

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First of all, we first prepare tools for washing eyelashes, makeup remover (face cleanser), eyelash brush, and clean tissues.7d Lash Vendors

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Then, we pour the cleansing agent on the eyelashes and use an eyelash brush to comb the eyelashes. We can see that a lot of debris will be brushed out during this process. This is the residue of the eyelash glue, mascara and eyeliner we use every day. .Eyelash Vendors Usa

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Next, we rinse the eyelashes under running water. At this time, the eyelashes will stick together in clusters.Lash Vendors Usa

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Finally, we can use a dry tissue to absorb the moisture on the eyelashes, and then use a brush to comb the eyelashes, the eyelashes will become the same as they have not been used.Lash Vendors

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