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Why Customers Keep Ordering Eyelashes From Piaget Lashes?

Why Customers Keep Ordering Eyelashes From Piaget Lashes?

Aaliyah is my customer. She always orders mink eyelashes from us. She once said: “Your Piaget Lashes can provide Mink Lashes and Custom Eyelash Boxes in good condition, and your delivery is very fast, and the service is attentive and attentive. , I don’t need to change and consult any other eyelashvendor, I can sell your luxury mink lashes in good price and make very good profits.”

We witnessed the start of her business. Like most people, Aaliyah ordered samples from the beginning to test our lashes quality.


First Sample Order !

After receiving Aaliyah’s payment, we arranged the shipment immediately and provided tracking number. A week later, I received messages from Aaliyah, saying that she liked the quality of our mink lashes and wanted to know about Custom Lash Boxes. Then, she placed a new order: 80 pairs of mink lashes and 80 custom boxes to start her eyelash line.

Lash line Start !!

Soon, less than a week after her receiving the order, Aaliyah contacted me again, saying that she already needed to replenish the inventory. I said that your business looks very successful, and she said yes! Everyone loves eyelashes! I soon sold out!

Eyelash Stock Replenishment !!
In this Internet age, it is easier to attract customers’ attention with beautifully printed Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes, which will drive eyelash sales. Why do I say that? Because I saw Aaliyah’s success, she placed another bigger order!
Continue Hot Sell! !

We have gained trust and trust from Aaliyah. She has been ordering eyelashes from us, and her order is larger than before. I believe she can make more profits in the eyelash business!

Piaget Lashes are professional great quality of mink lashes and custom packaging boxes manufacture. Will help you successfully start your own eyelash business!


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