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Why Is The Drawer Box So Popular?

Why Is The Drawer Box So Popular?

Piaget Lashes factory established in 2010,We are professional great quality of Lash Vendors and Custom Eyelash Packaging Vendor from CHINA,Our eyelashes are selected high quality Siberian mink,Super fine and super soft without affecting your eyes.magnetic tape custom eyelash packaging

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First of all, because the pull box has a transparent pvc outer box, you can see the eyelashes without opening the box, which makes it easier to show the eyelash style.

Money Drawer Eyelash Packaging

Secondly, because the pull box uses a magnet switch, it feels very smooth when opening and closing the box, and the unique opening method is very popular.Custom drawer Lash Boxes

Custom Drawer Lash Packaging With Logo

Finally, because the drawer box has many styles to choose from, it looks very luxurious, which is why it is popular.

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